Rapid Response Chaplain

A rapid response chaplain will be equipped to respond to disasters in their community, nationally, and internationally on very short notice.

Our rapid response chaplaincy program requires that you complete the Community Chaplaincy training as a prerequisite. This course will further assist those who want to respond to large scale critical incidents by training them in areas such as : necessary equipment, rapid deployment techniques, national emergency communication protocol, training dealing with mass casualty, personal safety and many more classes of interest to those desiring to serve at this level of response.

This curriculum prepares chaplains and credentialed religious leaders to provide practical, skilled assistance during deployment to disaster sites as well as within their own communities. The course comprises multiple skill set trainings, including disaster operations, disaster spiritual care, disaster mental health, and self-care for caregivers.  (FEMA’s on-line IS 100 course on the Incident Command System must be completed prior to this training.)


Rapid Response Chaplain

Every deployment is different, based upon the type of disaster and the severity of the devastation. Chaplains can expect long days of standing and walking, and emotionally and spiritually intense conversations with victims of tragedies. Chaplains can also expect opportunities to bring hope and love into the lives of people who are going through some of the darkest days they will ever experience. This is a boots on the ground, get your hands dirty ministry.